Hello. I have a desktop connected directly to my wireless DSL router/modem, while my laptop connects wirelessly. I am running XP home edition on both pcs. I have added a 2nd hard drive to my desktop that I want to share between the two. I have it drive all set up to share, but when I go to map the network drive on the laptop, it's saying it's not available. Something isn't quite right because sometimes when I got to map the network drive, it pops up right away, but lately I'm constantly getting errors that it won't connect.

I have tried everything, disconnecting Norton anti-virus, my firewalls, etc. But for some reason, my laptop cannot connect to that shared drive. The computers are not seeing each other. I will also mention that the laptop is connected wirelessly to surf the net, no problem. Not sure it matters, but on my laptop it says the local area network is unplugged.

I hope that is enough detail to get started. Any advice would be helpful as I'm ready to toss the laptop out the window!!

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Are they both in the same Workgroup? You can check by right clicking on My Computer and clicking the Name tab. They both need to be connected to the same workgroup for you to share resources.


I have somewhat of a similar problem. I am using Linksys software which connects my network quite nicely. 2 laptops and a desktop.
It shows me all three computers BUT when I go to map any one of them to my desktop by clicking on the computer name in MSHOME, I get no response. In fact I can only see the desktop in MSHOME. On the laptop I can see the laptop name and the desktop name but no connection is allowed.

I have spent at least 24 hours on this problem to no avail.

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on every computer, laptop or not, add the same user with the same password. when connecting, use that user/passwd.
it works on xppro, home is much worse, networkwise, but it should work as well


I've been suffering like you. My network consists of 1 Desktop; 1 Laptop; 1 Lacie Ethernet drive; 1 Linksys Router; 1 Broadband Modem.

The problem is with me trying to map the Lacie on my Laptop. Its working just fine and can be accessed from the Desktop but from the Laptop it can only establish a connection. I've tries disabling my firewall as well. Any help is appreciated.

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