I have a netgear router and a 2wire router, was wondering if i could connect these to together so i can extend my wireless distance, my netgear has wireless repeating capabilities except i dont know how to go about connecting them. any help would be appreciated thanks

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You would set up your first router and make sure you can connect to it. Be sure to set an SSID you can differentiate from others nearby, and an encryption key.

Set your Netgear to repeater mode with the same SSID and Encryption key (and type). DHCP should be disabled when you do this, if not disable it. You will supply the IP address of the first router as the DHCP server. Reboot the router and log back into it. Do a Site survey to connect to the first router. Don't forget to apply changes on each page before you navigate away from it!!!

All routers are slightly different as to how you log in to them. Feel free to start the process. If you get stuck, do your best to describe what you are seeing. It would help to have model numbers so I can look up the manuals.

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do i need to have the other router connected by a ethernet cable or can it work without it? and also when you say "do a site survey" do you mean go into the router configuration page, or something else?

A site survey is where a device will look at the wireless in the area. This should basically get your netgear to connect to the 2wire's wireless. Like techshaven said, you want to set the same wireless settings into the netgear that are on the 2wire, and enable repeater mode.

Yes, any settings for a router will be done in that routers configuration page. If you want to connect your Netgear to a wired connection, everything would be the same except you would use AP mode, and you would not have to do a site survey (and may not be able to) because the Ethernet cable will connect to the 2wire router (or switch connected to the router). This is actually a better choice because it is more dependable. There can be more than one DHCP server on a network, but that can get complicated. Just disable DHCP on the Netgear and point it to the IP address of the 2wire. You can also assign the DNS to the 2wire.

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