hey i was wondering if anybody could help me out. i have sambar server which i guess is some file server thingy majig or whatever that lets you serve files off of your computer as a website using your IP address. anyway before i went wireless it worked fine with my regular computer. but then i set up a wireless connection for my laptop and hosted it from there but the only person that can actually access my website is me. any other person who might wanna check it out can't do so. anybody know why this is. someone said something to me about because my IP starts with 192.168.... that i can't host it. or can i?! i just don't know how. please help.


eh, welp... in order for people to beable to view your website you need to know the IP address of it... (the ip address you give out can not be the local IP address... 192.168.x.x) it has to be the one you connect to the internet with (from you isp). in order for you to find this information you need to check your router. look for a page that show's your WAN status information. (router config is most likely that is the IP address you need to give out to people. furthermore... you have to make sure port is fowarded to your webserver. if you dont the router is gona get the request and block it! you need to map the port to the IP address of the machine that is running the webserver. to find out this IP address, you need to goto that machine... and type in run > cmd > ipconfig. then find the page that allows you to foward ports and insert in the local ip address displayed from the window and for the port settings insert 80.

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