Ok: I am going to set up a game server at my home and i plan on buying the hardware and software that i need because i prefer to figure out how to do it my self. but I am not at all positive of what i need: I am going to set it up so at least 16 players can get on it at the same time with it running at a good speed.
So if anybody knows what software and hardware i need please advice me so that my setup can go as smoothly as possible.

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well ok first you need the game server software which usually comes with the game. like counter-strike and wat not has a dedicated server on steam. a lot of games also have server software you can download. then u need a computer, if you want to have a good server you want a good computer to run this stuff. and you can set how many ppl can join the server through the game software.

ok im planning on getting a dual processor AMD operion with around 3 GB of ram or more if necessary I would like to run joint ops on the small server that i make but I read somewhere that i might need to buy a monthly payment plan on bandwidth for each player and if so where can i find information about the bandwidth prices or any other type of software that i need.

umm for bandwidth i think you should call ur internet service provider, u are gonna want a lot of it for a good server or else ur server is gonna shut down a lot cuz games take a lot of bandwidth and the comp sounds good. i have no idea how much bandwidth cost but it will prob be expensive.

Hi I see you're also trying to setup a gaming sever at home. Have you managed to set it up yet?

Sorry to resurrect an old post, but can you make a dedicated game server with an HP Proliant server?

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