I installed the new Ubuntu 10.04 on my 8 Gigabyte Pen Drive and it works, I've tested it on a friend's computer. But whereas in his works, in mine it doesn't. My computer is able to boot from USB (or so it says), it has 5 options to choose from: ZIP, USB-ZIP,USB-CDROM, USB-HDD, USB-FDD. None of them work. I've also checked in the BIOS that the boot from USB is enabled.

In this computer I haven't been able to install Windows 7 either, are these issues related? Do you know why this happens?

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options to choose from: ZIP, USB-ZIP,USB-CDROM, USB-HDD, USB-FDD

hi none of these are referring to a usb pen drive

No? Then why does it say USB at the beggining?

I forgot to mention that it hangs if I select usb-zip

because its not a zip drive ,nor is it a usb-cdrom or a usb-hdd[hardisk drive ]nor is it a floppy drive [usb fdd].it will not boot to the pen drive ,that one came next maybe a bios update will fix it but you would have to check with manufacture to see if they have one with that fix in it

top idem is a zip drive .

Updated the BIOS, still no changes, same options, same hangs.

I forgot to mention, the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H with version F6 of the BIOS.

its not gonna boot to the device because it not in the list ,sorry

This is bullshit, it's not even 3 years old this motherboard. Last Gigabyte motherboard I buy.

This is bullshit, it's not even 3 years old this motherboard. Last Gigabyte motherboard I buy.

im sure they won't go broke because of you choice ,
is it 3 yrs since you bought it, or was it manufactured 3 yrs ago !sometime a 3 yr old computer can be 5 yr old when we buy them !

It's 3 years since it was manufactured, the earliest BIOS I've found for it dates from 2007. I bought around 2 years ago when my older motherboard broke down. I'm just amazed that a motherboard manufactured 3 years ago doesn't have a boot from pendrive feature when the computer of a friend of mine with more than 5 years old has. I don't know what they were thinking, this is becoming quite common instead of CD's.

yeah a had a look to at the gigibyte site and seen that ,when you hit F12 on boot up is there maybe a choice of usb device in the list

Guess what? Gigabyte has a good tech support. I'm surprised, most manufacturers don't pay attention to customers. I am writing from Ubuntu in the USB. The problem was that I was looking in the wrong place, the USB was listed under Hard Drives along with my other HDD's as USB-HDD0. I think it's a bit silly to place pen drives under that section when you have put like 4 USB options outside of it. Well it works know ;)

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