I just bought a ThermoJet 3D printer that used to be connected to a network. It worked when it was removed from the network, but when I am trying to connect it directly to a laptop (WinXP) I can`t get a connection with the printer. When I "ping" the computer I get a time out, and the laptop can`t "see" or connect to the printer.
I also have the computer that was connected to the printer at the previous owner, I can`t get a connection there either although the "ping" is OK.
Any suggestions?

Best regards

Are you able to use the printer from the machine that it is connected to?

It sounds like you have a problem with the File and Printer Sharing in Windows. This document might be able to help you set up the sharing so that it works correctly. The first thing I would check is that the workgroup for the new computer matches the workgroup of the other machine. It's not necessary that they are the same, but it does help out.