Hello everyone. Sorry in advance if my question seems noobish.

I'd like to know if it's possible to change my router such that it uses another, dynamically assigned IP address to be accessed as opposed to my current.

Let's assume my WAN IP address is A.B.C.D and I turn my router firewall off and enable port forwarding on port 80. People now have access to my router (which I don't want). Instead, I would like to somehow make it so that my server is reached from the same IP address (because my server is listening on port 80).

Is there any way to accomplish this?

My network configuration is a Modem, a phone router connected to my modem which sends packets to my computer, and then I have a Wireless Internet router connected to my phone router.

If the router is answering on port 80, then you most likely have enabled management from the wan. Its on option in most consumer routers. You can either turn it off or change the listening port to something other than port 80 (so the router listens on port 8080 and port 80 is forwarded into the LAN's host.

The problem is that I logged into my router and the remote access feature is turned off yet somehow my friend enters my WAN IP address and can access my router.

I don't know why this is. I'm honestly confused.

I thought for sure he would reach my website. I have Apache 2.2 listening on port 80 for my LAN IP Address. I thought for sure that someone entering my WAN IP address without a specific port would access the directory Apache is pointing to and therefore be capable of accessing my files... but so far I haven't had such luck.

I'm using a Vonage router... I know that's REALLY vague but once I get some more information I'll let you know. Thank you.

Remote access and remote management are 2 different things. Make sure you are looking in the right spot.

If you send me the model and version of the router, I should be able to do a quick lookup in the manual for you.

I'm using a (Vonage) Motorola VT2442 router.

Pg 28 has the info on port forwards. Doesnt hurt to double check.

If remote web is off and port 80 is forwarded, then the router should not be answering any requests. I would double check that you have the right ip and have another3rd party site check the open port.

Use www.canyouseeme.org to verify your ip and have it check your port 80. Maybe your friend is hitting the wrong router??

Can your friend run an nmap scan of the IP? After the 1st scan, try forwarding a new port inside to your host, and let him rescan. The new port should appear.