I live in the middle of nowhere basiclly now so I have to have AOL and I was looking at some things and It says it has broadband and DSL. I have a modem form when I used verizon, it is a Westell wirespeed with a usb port of some sort a ethernet port a ac adapter plugin and a phone jack thats as much as I know. I want to use a speeder internet so how do I set up AOL dsl? Because I have no idea where to start.

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Because you say that you "live in the middle of nowhere", the first thing you'll have to do is to check the availability of DSL at your particular address. The usual residential flavor of DSL has a distance limit of about 15,000' - 18,000' from the central office (where the DSL switching equipment lives). That distance is measured "as the wire runs", not "as the crow flies", and even within that limit, the actual speed of the conneciton will drop significantly as the distance from the CO increases toward the limit.

Also- just because a neighbor down the street has DSL does not necessarilly mean that it's available to you. Depending on the physical path that your neighborhood's main telephone trunk line travels, the neighbor might be just under the limit but you might be just over it.

Assuming that you are within the limit, the next thing you should do is to ask AOL if they support the exact make/model of modem that you have. If so, once you subscribe to their service, they may just ship you a setup kit which contains a disk of their connection software and a few line filters (you need the filters to separate the voice and DSL data signals, as they both travel down the same physiacl phone wires). The modem might not even be a issue though; DSL and cable providers often have free installation deals which include a modem. If so, they'll just ship the modem as part of the setup kit.

Ok Ill try all that I dont know any one with DSL out here alot of people out here have satilite Internet which is expenive but I don't need a satitlite for it becuase they have a "nieghborhood satilite" so some cable comes in and you have to buy expesive equpiment and then $60 a month

Unfortunatley, if you see a lot of satellite hookups in your area, that's probably a pretty good indication that you're too far out for DSL. :(

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