This is a problem i had started having about a week ago.
No new software has been installed or deleted.
My router status light usually blinks and the net stays connected for about 10-15 mins
before it gets frozen on either light on or off and the net gets disconnected.
This takes place only when the ethernet wire is connected to the laptop ( Dell N4010 ) otherwise the light keeps blinking away merrily.
The laptop is about a month old and internet worked fine for quite some time.
If i switch the router off and on it again stays for some time and again gets frozen.
The time for which the net stays connected rarely varies.
Tried a different router but the same issue.

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Can you post your LAN card hardware configuration?

I think u have problem with your pc as well as your network also.first check your pc.

I Think It May Be Your Pc Or Router Ploblem... You Should Have AT LEAST TWO WLAN... If Not You Will Lose Your Connection Easy Like 1m Away... If You Put Two Wlan It Will Be Like 100m Away And Usable.. So If You Only Have 1 WLan.. Either Find Another WLAN In The Box Or Buy A Router With Two WLAN Example : Linksys WIreless-G 2.4GHZ

Is your anti virus up to date? this normally causes connection problems......

Really?? I Did Not Know It Would Cause Connection Ploblems When Your Anti Virus Are Up To Date!! Anyway Thx For The Comment

I'm guessing this access point (router) has no viewable log. If it does this would be a good place to start.

You could log into the access point (router) and through the GUI for configuration save the current configuration (probably as a file on your PC) then reload the firmware. Hopefully a new version will be available. After saving the configuration you could also return to the default configuration, this is often an easy to find option on home or small office category of networking equipment.

You can probably gain access to the network access device by putting the gateway IP displayed in the screen output of ipconfig /all in to your browser as a destination. You may know the password. You can have a google festival and find the default log in name and password for this device too. like user will be administrator and the password the manufacturer (ie belkin) of the device or even just password.

Since you seem to indicate that this trouble occurs at a regular interval perhaps you should check the length of time the DHCP leases are valid. Losing connectivity repeatedly after the same amount of time and being able to restore connectivity points in this direction. Though connection lights indicating the failure do not.

Check my snippet of screen output below. As you can see the lease is good for a longtime. This is the default configuration from the manufacturer.

windows assumed

ipconfig /all

Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Saturday, November 27, 2010 9:41:37 AM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Monday, November 25, 2019 1:22:49 PM

sorry to ramble, im just taking a stress break from homework

You did not put your LAN card configuration here as requested. So is difficult to imagine what the problem is.

As this is a predictible time based issue, I believe that some parameters of the LAN card configuration had been reset or modiied. On the Local Area Connection roperties for the wire controller (the knowledge of model, version and driver version can help), pressing the configure button and going to the advanced tab, maybe you can find some options, like Auto Disable PHY in enabled state, or Interrupt Moderation as Enabled. Maybe the receive buffes is to high or to low, also the send buffers. Maybe you have some features enbled or disabled that helps to 'hang'.

Also on the Power Management tab, you need NOT to allow the computer to turn off the device to save power.

Hope this helps.


I think is the Network Card because the same thing happen to before and I added different network card and it work.

I have also face this problems many time.It occurs because of network problem .If server is down then internet also disconnect so check the server's speed.


I have similar problem myself but when I go through the normal procedures unplug power from router/modem it restores connectivity.Does your wireless connection work?

It sound like a router issue

What make ref is the router


Is Your Router WIreless-B Or WIreless-G?? Because WIreless-B And Wireless-G Is Not Good And The WLAN Could Not Take Far Distance Such As 3m... Wireless-N Is Much Better As It Is The Latest One.. Are You Sitting Very Far Away From Your Router?? Mine Also Get Dissconnected When I Am Using Enthernet Cable.. Maybe You Moved The Wire Abit Then It Got Dissconnected.. That Happen To me To!

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