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Ok guyz here is the problem.

I have a router which is accessed from the browser. I also have to give the password before accessing the router. There is also an option for restarting the router from the browser menu.

Ok now the problem is that the speed of my dsl connection changes every time i restart the router. sometimes there is little difference between the old and new speed other times the difference is very great.

What i want is some sort of program,script,anything which automatically restarts the router and keeps doing it until i get the desired speed.

I am complete newbie in programming i know very little C++ and i haven't written more than a few very very basic console programs with no experience either in graphical programming nor in shell scripting.

What I require is general guidance on where to get started.
Books,links,tutorials,anything that would help.

PS: Plz guyz dont tell me that i have to call my ISP or that my hardware will get damaged and such stuff because i have already done everything and the only way that i can solve the problem is from my end.thanks

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Hi and welcome to DaniWeb

It looks like you have trouble with internet connection which sometimes you get low and high speed altogether...

If you can get high-speed connection, then there's no problem with your router, it was probably your ISP giving random connection to your router.

When your router are in high-speed internet connection, how long does it last? If it's high in the beginning and started to slow later, it's normal (for me at least)

Welcome to daniweb. I need to know some information

1) When does your internet connection starts to get slow and when does your internet connection get fast?

2) DO a Ping Test and report back. Copy and Paste the Ping Test results here

3) Tell me how many packets are seent and receive.
Example : Packets in: 784490
Packets out: 34661

4) Tell me what is your Internet Speed

Example 100Mb/s

5) Tell me what router are you using?

6) Is any security software hindering the problem

Good luck and hope to hear a reply soon

you can read "introductioc to C++ by yashvant kanetkar and programming in C++ by robert laford. practice will improve your programming.
good luck

Have you change any settings in your router control panel?

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