Hello, first time posting here, so I'll explain this as best I can ^_^ Pretty much I have 2 comps sharing cable internet on a 4-port DLink router (wired connection for both). Couple weeks ago I had to reinstall windows 2000 on my main machine (the troublemaker). Recently, I've run into the problem of my internet connection being dropped on the main computer, and if I disable/enable the LAN connection the internet comes back for maybe 3-4 minutes. Now, while the internet is "down" on the main machine, I can't do anything internet related (Overnet, Internet Explorer, AIM, ICQ, etc) but I can do local network operations (both comps can ping eachother, and the 2nd computer is unaffected by the connection losses my main machine suffers, so i dont think the router is to blame). The router gives a staic ip to both machines, has built in firewall that i've configured (main comp hosts http/ftp, 2nd hosts mysql) and it works great. the main comp also has NIS2002 (and therefore also NAV2002, both updated weekly), i just scanned for viruses: none. Did a quick cleanup with HijackThis (great tool). The system seems to be in peak condition, but for some reason, still losing the internet...? :confused:

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! ^_^

P.S.! Real quick: While the main comp is suffering from its internet-blackout, it appears to be sending packets, but not receiving any in return. This goes back to normal as I mentioned when I disable/enable the LAN connection... weird huh?

Check the power saving properties for the NIC, and make sure it's not shutting off the device to save power.