Is it possible to remote access my router via the internet just like my network neighbourhood. I have a Belkin wireless router and have a Netgear sc101 network storage drive attached that I would like to access when I am away from home. Does anyone know if this is possible? I dont want to just download the files, I want to be able to open them like I can when at home, many thanks

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Thanks, but not quite what i'm after, I don't want to connect to my home PC, I only want access to the network via my router so I can access the Netgear sc101 network storage drive.


well, it's not simple with a SOHO router. if your SOHO router has VPN support, you can set up a VPN server on your network, dial in to the server and get internal access
a better way is (if the NAS box supports it) is to set up the NAS to run FTP services, and port forward ports 20 and 21 to the NAS on the router. if would need an authentification mechanism, since anonymous FTP is very dangerous. FTP is also not very secure.

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