I've got this domain name that I could use myself, or I could sell it on it's own, or I could sell it with a template that I'm currently making, or I could sell it with a fully operational website:

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The reason I bought it is to sell Dreamweaver templates, but I don't have much time to run it.

Anyone got any idea how much this domain is worth on it's own?

If it's worth nothing on it's own I'll upload and image of the template design once it's finished and see if anyone could value it with that.

If that's worth nothing then I might try to make time to sell templates on it myself.

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the domain is dwtemplate .co.uk.

Hopefully that won't turn into a link or get snipped.


I don't think that the domain is useless without history. If you've unique and rare domain name even without an operational website, you can get a good price.


Well what you could do is upload some templates on it and advertise in free listings or randomizer. That will give hits, visitors, and even increasing rank... then sell it at domainworth or on ebay.. or if your host provide domain for sale section, post it up there.


I think you could get alot more for your site if you put some stuff on it or offer to put a full website if they pay a bit more.

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