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8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch

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I connected the switch as you said and ran the network wizard on both machines and it worked.

I have another question. I am running XP. I have 2 computers, 1 brand new (5 mos.), and 1 about 5 years old. They both have been networked together with a simple (1) crossover ethernet connector. File sharing was fine and I would connect to dial-up individually on each machine.

Now, currently:

On the new computer which has an ethernet card, I have no problem with file sharing between the two machines and the internet connection is fine with the new DSL.

The old computer has a USB to ethernet adaptor. (which is the way I have been operating it thus far) (it has never had an ethernet card) The file sharing between the two machines still works fine, as it always has. The problem is that the internet connection will not establish through this USB to ethernet adaptor on the old machine with this new DSL connection I have. I have previously been operating with dial-up.

Why do you think I can not connect to the internet on the old machine? I am able to ping google and yahoo with 100% success. Sometimes I can connect to google's homepage in internet explorer but then it freezes and will not continue. (but 99% of the time it is "this page can not be displayed")

Is the USB to ethernet adaptor the problem? Is it as simple as I need an ethernet card in this machine? And if that is the answer, why am I currently able to do file sharing through the above Ethernet Switch between the two machines?

Thanks in advance.

Questions? Please ask.

Javamann :cool:

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javamann... Stick to one thread. There was no need to create this thread since it doesn't ask anything that is off the topic of your other thread. Furthermore, you do not need to link to your thread in the introductions tread since it wasn't an introduction, it was simply the exact same post as the first post in your other thread.

Sorry about the thread thing... I'm still learning :)

Do you have an answer for my problem?

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