we have a broadband internetconection divided by a router
but my internet connection stopts as i download
at least i think it has somethign to do with downloading because it stops most of the time when im doing it
we have a wireless router but im connected with a lan cable
it's not the cable because i can see the other pc's in the network and i have acces to them
when i reset the router all is fine again (for the next 15 mins and then i have to reset again)
also its not the router because i had the same problem with the previous one
i really don't see the problem and can't find any solution either
i hope someone can help me with this because it is bugging me out

thanks in advance

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does it happen all the time or just say n the evening. Is it a broadband modem and router or two separate items eg modem plugged into router?

no noy just in the evening wen i woke up this morning it i had to reset it again
and we have 1 broadband modem plugged into a router and that router divides the line in 2

what modem is it? Have you tried plugging the modem directly into the computer and downloading? And the downloading stop on only one computer or all?
Final question are you down loading from a P2P eg limewire or Shareza?

humm have i tried plugging the modem directly into my computer
well no actually could try that soon
i think it will probably work fine then
but it wont be a solution because we need both computers on the net :p
it only stops on my computer all the other pc's seem to work fine even after myn dropped
they can also still see me in the network
and last yea i use limewire but have the same problem if i download with azareus (torrents) and sometimes even when i'm in a video conversation on msn

oh well i tried :p
thanx for the help anyway
on to the next forum :D

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