I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Vista. I had the internet wirelessly hooked up through a Linksys wireless router. Then I received a wireless modem through my ISP, now I am unable to connect wirelessly. It will tell me that it is connected, but something happens in the identifying stage of the process and it disconnects. I thought there was something wrong with the modem, until I went somewhere else and tried to connect and that didn't work either. Now I'm assuming somewhere along the line I messed with some setting I souldn't have, but I can't figure out what. Please Help!!!

You have to tell us everything about your ISP setup.

ISP name
Modem name
Router name & model
Router settings (WAN & Wireless)

Sorry about that. My ISP is CenturyTel. My modem is a Westell VersaLink 327W. It's a wireless modem so I don't have a router, because I don't really need one. Is there anything else you need to know? I really appreciate all help!

I assume that you have Wireless Enabled on the modem, that you connect from the PC to your modem's SSID, that you have the same channel (e.g. 6) set in your wireless adapter as is expected by the modem. Also your usage mode would be "Mixed" to allow any wireless speed protocol (802.11b & g).

I assume also that the ethernet connexion to your PC works OK and that the ethernet wire has been removed when you connect wirelessly.

If all the above is true, then what is the status of your Wireless Security? The first thing is to ensure this is set to Disabled just make sure this isn't getting in the way.

If all the above is true, you should also disable the Wireless MAC Address Filter Table. Then we can be sure that your wireless card's MAC address is not being matched to a list of addresses someone may have stored in the router.

Thing is, you'd know if you'd set up all these security features. But I can only advise you blind.

Also, can you connect wirelessly directly to the router by If so I'd like to see the DNS Configuration. If I've understood your first post correctly, you probably can't do this.

Also, can you please post your IP settings just after a failed wireless connexion attempt by going into CMD, running IPCONFIG /ALL. Before and after the Disconnect would be best.

OK. Leave you to it.