Can someone give me some idea please? :cry:

Thank You Very Much~

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I need a topic for Design Project 3
It can be anything that has to do with security...Thank you

Actually I am doing MTech IT(2009-2011),Kalasalingam Univ.,Madurai.
I am requiring Computer/Network/Email security project topics.........
Please help me......

my email id: <Removed>

Write a mail receiving application (like outlook) with features like reporting spam ,etc .

I am pursuing mtech in compter science . i want topics related to make the project .can u help me

can any help me out for topics for java project for my mtech degree please

can any help me out for topics for java project for my mtech degree please

Write a java project for generating a degree certificate .

hostipital management,call center,a 3d game,a 2d game

need some research topics guys!!!
like grid computing or cloud

what is the best topic to choose for research projec? health study student

i need topics for my final prject computer science ND programme my e-mail is SNIPPED

I need a current topic in computer security for my masters dissertation, pls help!!!

please can someone help me choose three project topics

create a key logger? always fun, AND useful in regards to security!

i need project topic on criminology and security studies

registered sex offender database search....

or missing children database?

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