First the pleading..............
please, please, please, please someone help me.... i am tearing my hair out.

Here is the problem; i have 2 desktop pc's and a laptop and am attempting to connect them through a hub so they all have internet access & printer/file sharing.

Broadband modem is a Motorola Surfboard SB4100
Service provider is Blueyonder
Hub is a Genius 8 port 10Mb/s

ipconfig on all machines as follows:-

Machine A This is the only machine that has internet connection;
Ip address:
Default gateway:

Machine B;
IP Address:
Default gateway: blank

Machine C
IP Address:
Default gateway: blank

All 3 machines can connect to the internet if they are plugged directly into the modem but never more than one at a time when going through the hub.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

You need to get a broadband router in order to share the internet connection among all the computers.

wow cheeers for the quick response.

any suggestions on make/model?

I've used wired Linksys routers and been very pleased with them. I've used a couple of different D-Link wireless routers and have hated them severely. I don't think that qualifies as a robust review of all routers, but it does sum up my experiences.