One of my customers tried to access a folder on the server that they could previously
access, however they get the following message:
“The link you are trying to access is unavailable or missing, try checking your spelling and try again”.

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You mean a folder. A folder does does not have any link or are you referring to a website or URL. Maybe the folder is missing or have been deleted and the one your customers is trying to access maybe is an alia, mean a copy

it is more likely that the security of the website data has been changed either by themselves via the control panel or by yourself/your host company. Some hosts allow you to access files like so etc etc but the majority of hosts dont allow this because its a security risk.

Hope this helps

try to contact the system administrator they can help you more....

Yeah, i agree with benmar. Contact the admin someone may have changed somethings thus your customers can't access it. Is the website secure, if not other parties can hack inside and change it. To make it secure add a s behind http. So it become https, this will make it more secyre. I can't view the link you post joe

That is because it is not a live link jingda it was merely used as a description of how to access a file on your server. replace "yoursite" with your own domain name then the folder name your trying to access exactly as it is on the server then the file name you want and it should work.

also you can only add s at the end of http if you have an ssl certificate for that url otherwise the visitor will get a certificate error and your site will be flagged as being suspicious

Hope this clears it up

thanks joe. So do you have any solutions to this problem this poster is facing?

I assumed from my first post that he would contact his server administrator to make sure no changes to the security have been made or he would check that his client hasnt changed their own personal security settings via their server box control panel.

It is most definately a security change that has caused the error his client is getting so he MUST speak to his administrator. If it isnt a security change then his client is putting the wrong address in the browser address bar.


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