At office, the owner requested me to put web-filters to block facebook, youtube, orkut etc. ok, so i put in a proxy server (actually i tried 3 -- ccproxy, analog proxyi and winproxy). everything worked just as requested until outgoing mails.

The mail service provider is using port 26 for smtp instead of 25 which is giving me a good sort of trouble. the mail client (windows mail, outlook and outlook express) keeps asking login information every time a mail is sent. it seems not to accept anything, and mails dont go. the proxy servers allowed me to change smtp port to 26, though.

Is there a way to put in web-filters without using a proxy server, and if not, can the proxy be bypassed/configured for smtp port 26 by the mail clients?

for the time-being, i've suspended to proxy servers.

thanks in advance.


You can try sonic wall. it is a very good firewall that can also blocks sites that you have listed and you can send mail with the login information everytime. There is also other way but first all the computer must be on the same network. You can also install monitoring device such as remote management or team viewer and blcok some websites. Parental control can also blcok website and you can still send mail but it must be installed on every computer