I travel around a lot and have to connect to the internet through unsecured public wireless networks.

I read that I could set up a VPN connection to my PC at home which would be secure and that I could then access the internet from my home computer.

I have managed to set up a VPN successfully, but I can't connect to the internet on the client when I do.

I am using Windows XP on the server and Vista on the client. Can anyone help please?

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I have not heard of VPN connecting to internet. Basically VPN is for a small group of people and you can allow certain people to enter you network, you cannot connect to the internet.Try going to wikipedia for more information. To access internet you can have a few wireless modem so you and your clients can carry it around and connect to the internet when you want.

Re: Help setting up a VPN please 80 80

Use SSL (https) connections in your browser as much as possible, run a Windows firewall, and turn off sharing on your system when you connect to the network over an unsecured public WiFi access point.

You can use a VPN tunnel (which is encrypted) to your home network, and access the internet using your home router, but that requires configuring your VPN server correctly to do the appropriate routing. I don't use Windows for this (Linux only), so that's about as far as I can take you. I'm sure some googling will help you find information how to do this for Windows systems.

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Re: Help setting up a VPN please 80 80

as rubberman has said, https is just making it more secure and less liely to get hacked. What rubberman said is excellent, and you can follow his advise.

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