I want to prevent my router from hard reset.... My friend often press the hard reset button to tease me.... Is there any way...................

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my only suggestion would be to take it apart and remove the button(or physically block it or something
but then you couldn't reset it without taking it apart again :(

Sorry Majestics, there is no way to prevent the router from reset when you hold down the reset button. Are you using a linksy router is yes, the reset button is at the back of the router you can use a tape or something to cover it. Or you can take a box and put your modem inside and lock it with a number lock or a key lock. This way your friend can't touch your router without opening the lock.

commented: cool idea +1

Excellent Idea jingda ........... But can i change the internal factory setting of router?

Yes you can, Majestics. What router are you using first?

why should that matter?

commented: It matters because then one can know any default passes if need to be -2

your comment on my reputation makes no sense, kraai
why don't you just stop following me around?

Majestics, most routers you just type the IP address into your browser....

not everything is always so difficult

So how is our suggestion Majestics? If you are using linksy router, the link to the control panel is your ip address. Which is

I know all the details of router ........ I use Adsl modem and router (zxdsl).... As u already suggested a router case, i think its a good idea... but if we change the factory default setting to my setting so even router is reseted nothing will change, so i m wondering solution for my new problem...

Hey Majestics

As Jinga pointed out, there is no general software solution to your problem, however, I believe that if one could re-write firmware for it, and include a setting to prevent router from resetting when button is pressed, and replace the router firmware with this custom firmware, it may be possible, but, this sounds like a very expensive exercise.

Just lock the router away, out of reach, as suggested here, or, open it up, and remove the reset button contact by unsoldering it, and in the event you lost your password to access it, and there is no way for you to reset it, you will sit with a doorstop.

Sorry but there is no way to do this. When you reset all your setting will be reset to default.

Hi kraai. Or you could use another method if you do not have a lock. Just go and get a real tiger and let it guard the router. There who wants to reset the router who will get eaten by the tiger first. Problem solved.

commented: lol, would be nice if router had a setting for that though +3

Hahahahaha............. locking is the best solution..... One last question but not related to this topic.... I m a junior poster now... when i will be promoted and can i get the list that on how much post what will be the rank... :-)

when you reach 200 posts, you will have a rank of posting whiz in training. Good luck. 38 more post to next rank. Please do a favour by marking this thread as solve, Majestics. Thanks.

I pressed reset button on my broadband modem to reset factory setting, but nothing was happen. Modem setting had no change. still can not log in modem yet. My default setting username and password from the under bottom label of modem is "megavnn" and "megavnn". May be factory setting was be prevent.

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