hi friends,
can you tell me what is OSI layer and what role it performed in networking ?

Hi Rajiv,

Very good you put here. But before start I would like to ask you one thing that because OSI layer is very wide so do you want to know each and every thing related to the same or any particular thing you have in your mind to know about????


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Hello Rajiv,
Basically the OSI model is a 7 layer model that was designed to help troubleshoot networks easily and isolate problems according to the protocol they use and the layer in which the problem is. That is just basically, but the stuff is really wide! so more details on what you really need,
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on my academic affair with cisco, the OSI is set into 7 layers where the protocols are passing through the layers until it is in the form of bits for the fine transferring of datas to meet the what we call networking (communications) troubleshoot nets...