I have set up an ftp server which only the computer which has the server on can connect to, None of my other Computers and laptops can connect to it! I am doing all of this through a router.

Lets say the localhost has IP and the computer trying to connect to the server has IP From the localhost, connecting to through ftp works without problem. But on the other, trying to connect to through ftp with the right user and password takes a long time to connect and then it times out.

How can I access the server with my other computers?

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Ummm....you actually sound a bit more knowledgeable than me but,
have you tried remote desktop?

What OS are you using. Windows or mac? You said other comouters cannot connect. Does the other computers have any software or options that may block the connection, what are you intending to do when you are connected. Sharing files or sharing screen, you can do that by using a software instead of connecting to a network you created. Something seems wrong with your server and not your other computers, did you configure the server to allow other computers to access it? If not that might explain why other computer cannot access the network. Firewall can also block the connections, have you try disabling it?

sounds like you are using a virtual server, am i right?
try to play around with the way the server uses the network adapter for connecting. i tried what you are trying, but i had lots of problems, and became bored with it. i will try again someday when i get more disk storage space...

p.s. if you can get the server to show up on your router's client list, you are doing better than i was.

bridging your virtual adapter and real one on the host is another idea

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