how to recognise both core switch and distribution switch in the information details of the products? i have checked in the websites of the manufactory making switches, like 3com, but i cant find any info related to core switch and distribution switch.

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Core, distribution, and access switches are mostly conceptual. One switch might be an access switch for one company and a core switch for another. The manufacturers will MARKET different switches different ways based on their overall ability to either tightly/cheaply bundle user ports, or their ability to move massive amounts of traffic quickly.

Switching can be a VERY deep rabbit hole, let us know how deep you want to go.

so, a switch can be a core switch or distribution switch simultaneously. if i want to make a core switch to centralize servers or other distribution switches, some settings is required to make the switch become a core switch, isn't it?

thank you very much for your help! it will be very helpful for my network design.

actually these things are not conceptual anymore. to those who can read this in YEAR 2013. you know what to do! LOL

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