Hi i am also using the same netgear router WGR614 v9
I am using bsnl broadband connection. Recently i bought the router ..I could sucessfully enter the installation assistance,followed each and every step as prescribed. When the assistance asked to restart both router and adsl modem i done. The next step it followed was restarting your network. it took nearly 15 mints to do that but then the error occured was NO CONNECTION DETECTED. Plz help

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After Long hours research On netgear routers, i have came to the solution that any DHCP network need 5-10 minutes to be fully functional. As i connected my negear router to my Modem i restarted every thing i.e My desktop,My internet modem Provied by TATA INTERNET SERVICES LTD. and my Netgear WGR14 v9 router. In the router a pressed reset button for couple of seconds to restore its factory settings to default. Now everything was coooool..!!! I started configuring my netgear router after connecting particular cables to their respective ports...(I hope no need of explanation) The I logged in to my netgear settings wizard with the address hxxp://
On the basic settings tab I got tested my network connection and applied the settings for LAN. Smiles at heights :)
Now coming at wireless I was able to setup a secure a secure wirless network and the test on my vaio was sucess..


how to config using utp cable to other pc?
i have may new router and same model

the problem to pc2 ,connected but,can't recive?

what should i do to fix this problem,.


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