i looking for a service like open dns to block sites
i need block all sites that exist except the sites that i add manually
the ideia is to not creat a black list manualy but creat only a white list.
the open dns block by category and is not what i want because many sites
pass from that filter.
any one know something like that?
thanks a lot for your help

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What you are looking for is a firewall. If you are running Windows (depending on the version of Windows) you can configure the built in firewall to do some of it. If you are running Linux then read up on iptables which is the linux firewall.

What rch1231 said is true. If you have a router, if will come it with a built i firewall, you can always go to the router control panel and change it. Do you want to block sites on a network or on a computer?

Yes many routers have that option, you may want to consider to install another firmware on your router, like the DD-WRT firmware i´m using right now, in it you have many services like WOL and web filtering, access via SSH or telnet to it to configure, itr is based on Linux and i strongly recommend it.

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