I am new to Novell but I do have experience with Linux and Windows. I have recently downloaded a evaluation copy of Novell OES, and I am trying to set it up on a Dell PowerEdge 1800 with a Windows XP Client.

So far I have installed the software onto the server and set up user accounts, Tree, Context, user volumes and licenses for the users. I have also installed the latest Novell Client software onto the Windows XP machine.

The Problem

When I start the Windows XP client I am presented with the Novell Client, I click on advanced and fill in the Tree, Context and server IP fields. Then I put in a username and password and it logs in fine, very fast and no problems. However when I log out, I am unable to log back in again as the Novell client cannot find the server. I log in locally and I can still ping the server however. The only way to allow me to log in again, is if I restart the client machine, then it lets me log in again.

Has anyone had this problem before or know why it might be occurring.

Thanks for your help



try to have dual logon, i.e., u can set the logon screen such that ur windows logon will be first and the novell logon will be second.. its just breaking a single logon window into two.

try with that and come back if the same problem occurs....

u can change the logon by changing
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\Windows NT\currentversion\winlogon

change the value of the key GinaDLL to MSGINA.DLL


OK i have solved the problem now thank, I tried a different workstation and another one and it seems to work fine on both of them, I didn't set up the client I was working with so there must of been a configuration problem.
Thanks for your help.