Is there anyone who can assist with this:
The router I purchased is direct from China with the rear sticker printed in chinese, the router requests a psk to log in, however I cant find (read one) on the sticker, therefore I cannot log into the router on to get the key or change it. please help!!

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Plug in an Ethernet lead and login over that to do the initial setup?

The key should be obvious on the sticker anyway as it will not be in chinese character symbols, it will be in "normal" letters and numbers as PSK keys are defined as being 8 to 63 printable ASCII (i.e. not chinese, which would be unicode or something) characters

Thanks for the quick response, however the router is only wifi and has no ethernet plug. I find it on the "wifi scan" yet it insists on a psk key still even after a hard reset.. frustrating, perhaps "Hame" is not what they make it out to be?

ok hang on, the router came with a ethernet plug in facility... I will try that quickly..

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