I am new to this networking thing,

I just wanted to know if their is any software that allows me to download the sofware and install software on any other computer on the network remotly without the person knowing because i do not want to disturb them.

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, i accidentally sent two times. You can try using remote management it can e found in system oreference. For this to work both the the computer have to be on the same network. This is used for good intentions only. This is only for macbook


For windows, try using teamviewer or other tools. You can google and search the software you want


it depends also what kind of hardware and sofware infrastrucutre you use

for example
search for intel AMT (active management technology)

search for small bussiness server (one example you could find at www.contribs.org)


Hope you find what you need as786. IF the software you want is for a small group choose those that are free if the software you want is as big as a company, choose those paid version as it is more safer and better to use


friend i have little experience on "net-control 2" it is a good software which is using for to control the client PCs and for installation of data on client PCs


The Network Control Program (NCP) provided the middle layers of the protocol stack running on host computers of the ARPANET, the predecessor to the modern Internet. Although sometimes the abbreviation NCP is mistakenly expanded to Network Control Protocol, this term is not found in the contemporaneous documentation.With the pressure to get something working and the general confusion as to how to achieve the high generality we all aspired to, we punted and defined the first set of protocols to include only Telnet and FTP functions.

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