So ive been the IT manager here for about a year and our network has grown by leaps and bounds. Im scared that we will eventually start to have Bandwidth issues.

Being mostly on the "OS Support/Server Admin" side of things, networking isnt my cup of tea, but im trying to learn it. But keep in mind that im kind of a newb with alot of this stuff.

So we have two plants, which is divided up into a few different sections per Plant.

Our primary sections are all connected to each other VIA a motorola canopy system.

We have about 50 PC's on the network total spread out across the two plants, IP Phones, a few network printers, and about 30 IP Surveillance Cameras.

My surveillance cameras, and my timeclocks that are network-based are all on their own subnet that is different from our primary network subnet.

With the recent expansion of IP Cameras for security purposes, I have bought some Netgear FS726TP smart switches. Ive set them up for the POE ports (which will be used for cameras) to have lowest priority.

I dont want our network to be completely bogged down by these cameras as we have to keep our inventory system as first priority.

Does anyone have any advice?

Im slowly placing these types of switches everywhere and trying my best to set them up properly to prioritize all our traffic.

Will what im doing help?

You are probably at the point when you want to start segregating your network into discrete subnets. That will keep traffic internal to each subnet off of the greater corporate network, and routing rules in the routers/switches can direct necessary traffic to other subnets as needed. So, what are your using for routers and external gateway?

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