i am using window 7 laptop at home ... my problem is regarding slow speed of internet. my home internet get down slow last few dayz. 2 laptop share wi fi internet in my home.. but now m facing slow spped of internet . what can be reason of this slow speed . should i concern to BELL ( service provider) or sharing same bandwidth by 2 laptops is a problem .

according to me watching online movie simutaneously on both laptop s could be reason of slow speed..plz advice wht i should do


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What form of connection do you use DSL, cable, etc? If you are having problems with your internet speed while streaming movies on both computers, the problem is likely due to the bandwidth that you are receiving from your service provider. An easy fix if this is the problem is to up your internet speed to the next level depending on what is offered in your area.


a lot of cause why internet connection is very low, first virus on the pc, try to scan anti virus....


If you can connect your laptop to the internet using a cat 5 or 6 cable and do a speedtest. That can give you key information that can help.

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