I've been using an OpenVPN service for 2 years now, but it seems it has become too popular and now its very slow and sometimes I get computer UDP attacks from different countries and some sort of attacks that my firewall classified as SQL injection attacks or something like that. The terms of service clearly state that the user shall not use it for hacking, but I can see they are being ignored. What good OpenVPN service can you recommend me? Is it better to use SSTP? If, yes, which service would be better? Is it just me or OpenVPN anonymity is becoming means of getting network attacks?

All I want is to encrypt my connection to prevent ISP eavesdrops. In return I'm just getting network attacks and a slow connection which wasn't the case 2 years ago.

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Widely used VPN protocols are PP2P , L2TP and IPsec.


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colocate or get a vps in your city/state and run your own you can colocate for 50$ a month if you aren't too picky or vps for 5$ish


Of course! How could I forget about VPS? I think I'll give that a try.


I've been using http://VPNSecure.me for a few years now and can't recommend it enough - Their OpenVPN and SSH tunnels always perform well for me, they have endpoints all around the world and they remove logs every 24 hours

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After looking into so many sites for VPN service connection I came to know about this company which gives special priviliges to their customer like hydemyass and more than 7000 internet protocol address on 163 servers. I trusted this company and they really did a good job, totally recommend it without any hesitation you can use their best vpn services for home or business network.

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