I have a high-speed cable Internet connection at home and at various times I have a network timeout issue, where I do not get a response from the DNS server and the connection times out. I can usually connect to Google but when I click on any of the links to other sites they do not respond, they just keep on trying to load until they time out. The page often says that there is a DNS server timeout.

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Check your network card configuration and see what DNS or name servers you are querying for the information.
You can always try adding a public name server (like the one at to your DNS list as a third server to check with.

with some cable ISPs they require specific timeout settings on your router, this could be the issue. call your ISP and find out the optimal settings .. also set your network card duplexing to 1000full or 100full AND do the stuff rch1231 said :)

Ok, thanks I will try those suggestions when I get home and tell you two how it goes.

Sorry for the long response, I have been really busy with school work. I tried your suggestions on my computers and will try them on my other routers later. I also have a network switch at my house, could that be causing any problems? A few days ago I talked with a friend who also has time warner cable as their isp and they have the same problem too at times. It may be the isp itself, is that common at twc?

no the switch shouldnt cause any issues. its most likely a dns issue i would imagine. i also have twc at home and do not have that issue.

I solved the problem, I had to log in to the TWC modem and turn off some of the security settings ex. ping flood. It worked, and I have not had any problems since.

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