Hi All

As you know or heard some guys are trying to destroy the Internet with the ACTA treaty ....i am thinking what alternative we can create ? so that no internet provider (ISP) ,state,corporation etc could not control that alternative and how can we can create this alternative?

I am thinking we need something that could work on radio waves ( with radio waves the signal is to low + we need a transmitter etc ,other legal problems ... and also can we convert radio waves to binary code and back ?) or we can use a wireless solution with a small gadget witch you connect to your pc ,laptop etc with the help of a usb cable...

Once this device is connected to your pc,laptop.... it will transform your pc in to a server / client in the same time to work as a p2p or hotspot but without the need to connect to the internet. It must be easy to build ,witch cheap parts etc so everybody can afford one.. this way i think you will not pay internet subscription and many more benefits .Hope you get were i am going...

So what solution do you think you have for a alternative to the internet from a scientifically and technical point of you ? ( no stupid answers like google,books ,library... please,i am trying to gather ideas...)

Well, you can do a private Wi-Fi network secured with Pringles cans (you think I'm joking). Or you can set up laser transceivers - effectively fiber-optics without the cable. Unfortunately, ANYTHING can upset the signal. Anything. Like squirrels. Rain. Kites. Obese persons on ladders. Anything.

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