I pray someone here has had experience with this issue, tech support through brighthouse, and linksys was a non starter.

So a week ago all is good, until midnight when the cable is disconnected for non payment. Doh! Wife forgot to pay it, but no worries I call up, pay the bill an in 5 mins everythings back on... Right? Well almost, the tv/phone come back but no Internet.

I contact brighthouse, and they assure me it's restored. They suggest cycling the router on and off, then the pc. Nothing, the exact error is no Internet access (I have win7 64). So it's that evil yellow little triangle. But I digress, that doesn't help.

They try a remote reset of the modem, more resets for the router, pc. Nothing.

Everything worked until service was cut off then restored, regardless they insist it's the router that's funky. So I go buy a new netgear router (kept receipt) and what do you know, same problem. Both routers set to auto assign ip/dns, basically plug an play with no alterations.

According to brighthouse they see the routers, an the routers function individually aka devices connect fine, but neither my pc, ps3 or iPhone can get to the Internet. Bhouse an linksys are out of ideas, tho both seem to not go much further then reset over an over.

Anyone have similar issues to this before? I've been a week without accesss now, I'd put my pc direct to the wall but I'm disabled an our access point is upstairs..hence the need for a wireless setup. Again there were no changes to my setup only the brief account suspension. Also it's a home account also (obviously) so it's adynamic ip not static.

Thanks so much everyone if u can help. I'm having to write this from my iPhone (ugh) as it's now my sole sourceto the outside world.

Re: Trouble with cable and router 80 80

It may be your dns has not been properly reset on the router. But lets start at the beginning and work our way through it....

What does IP config tell you the IP, netmask, and gateway of your computer are?
(Should be something like 192.168.1.X if not and you know the IP of the router then give your system a fixed IP in the subnet and see if you can connect.)

Can you ping the router from the computer?

If not verify the router IP or reset it to factory settings by holding reset switch in for 30 sec.

If you can ping router can you ping beyond the router?

If not then check your gateway settings and log into router and see if it can ping out.

If so you can ping can you ping a domain name?
(ping google.com)

If not check what your nameserver is set to and try setting it to and see if you can ping google then.

Tell me what happens and we will go from there....

Re: Trouble with cable and router 80 80

Wanted to update on the situation.

The issue was infact with the cable modem. It was replaced with a brand new modem. Once switched out, I reset the router and it was able to connect no problem. According to the cable technician, not passing along IPs is a common sign of death for a modem that otherwise appears to be functioning.

The old modem for instance still allowed connections to the Internet directly from the PC but not the router. So if all else fails and they insist the modem is functioning, have them humor you by swapping it out for a new one.

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