Hi DaniWeb experts, good day. :)

Just tested my internet speed awhile ago in three websites. Here are the results.




1. Why I'm getting different results?

Hope you can help me with this.

Thanks and God bless. :)

What kind of internet connection do you have and is it share?

This is probably the difference between your connection under load and not under load, consider these factors:

1. Speed tests are meant to be conducted with no other programs using the internet connection, this will skew the results.

2. If you're sharing your connection with other computers their use will skew your results.

3. Even if you're the only computer on your network, not all internet connections are dedicated. If your ISP has a shared connection in your neighborhood your neighbors bandwidth will effect your performance. If these numbers are much lower than your advertised speed I'd recomend calling your ISP, it could be a problem with their network or your modem.

I often have a problem with varying results from online speed tests, but that's because my internet connection is upwards of 20mbps, and a lot of speed test servers just can't handle that when they're under heavy load.

Oh I forgot, while I'm testing it, I'm downloading something. So the results are down.

But I'm just wondering, why I'm getting only below internet speed while I'm subscribing with 256kbps. Why is it like that it didn't show the correct kbps?

Even if I test it over and over again. The results will still not be the kpbs that I subscribed.

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The results will be based on where you are connecting to for the test. Try


It will give you options for various major cities. Try one close and one far away. Remember the packets still have to compete with all of the other traffic on the internet.