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My problem is that i have a Siemens|Nokia residential router 1600 and a RJ45 Ethernet cable that provides me with internet. I once tried to connect the Ethernet cable to the router and when i searched for wifi access points from my Cell Phone, It showed one(there are no other hotspots around my house so i was pretty sure that it was my router.), I selected it and it connected it flawlessly.
But when i tried to access internet from the cell phone it didn't receive any packets or sent any. what is the problem??? please help me because i have a pretty fast network in my PC and wanted to use it in my cell phone.

P.S- Please don't give me solutions related to buying and costly hardware, I'm pretty light on my pocket currently.... :-)

What do you mean by the configuration???
Currently i'am just using the Cable to access the internet, And the router is currently of no i just thought whether i could used the router to Access internet on the phone using a wifi it possible??

Please connect to the default gateway (usually using any browser with http:// protocol.

The default user and password are: Admin

Then the router will show you a navigation menu at left. There should be a button or link to go to the wireless configuration.

Hope this helps

it didn't when i connected the router and typed-in browser showed "webpage is not available"
Do i have to connect my router without internet access???

check the settings on ur phone once.,sounds like a security protocol issue to me..?have u tried it with Wifi?

Checked it with other wifi hotspots like coffee shops, airport,etc.
It worked flawlessly.....So there's no problem with the phone's config.

So, If I understood well, you have a dirct cable connect to your PC. From where is coming this cable? Is the phone line?
On the other hand, you have a WiFi Router, not connected to the PC?
The WiFi router has also ethernet cable connection available?

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