My problem is that i have a Siemens|Nokia residential router 1600 and a RJ45 Ethernet cable that provides me with internet. I once tried to connect the Ethernet cable to the router and when i searched for wifi access points from my Cell Phone, It showed one(there are no other hotspots around my house so i was pretty sure that it was my router.), I selected it and it connected it flawlessly.
But when i tried to access internet from the cell phone it didn't receive any packets or sent any. what is the problem??? please help me because i have a pretty fast network in my PC and wanted to use it in my cell phone.

P.S- Please don't give me solutions related to buying and costly hardware, I'm pretty light on my pocket currently.... :-)

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Can you show here the router configuration?

What do you mean by the configuration???
Currently i'am just using the Cable to access the internet, And the router is currently of no i just thought whether i could used the router to Access internet on the phone using a wifi it possible??

Please connect to the default gateway (usually using any browser with http:// protocol.

The default user and password are: Admin

Then the router will show you a navigation menu at left. There should be a button or link to go to the wireless configuration.

Hope this helps

it didn't when i connected the router and typed-in browser showed "webpage is not available"
Do i have to connect my router without internet access???

check the settings on ur phone once.,sounds like a security protocol issue to me..?have u tried it with Wifi?

Checked it with other wifi hotspots like coffee shops, airport,etc.
It worked flawlessly.....So there's no problem with the phone's config.

So, If I understood well, you have a dirct cable connect to your PC. From where is coming this cable? Is the phone line?
On the other hand, you have a WiFi Router, not connected to the PC?
The WiFi router has also ethernet cable connection available?

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