My grandparents just got dsl and it is a bit slow. At first it was 28k slower than the dial up they had. Now it is at 257.9 Kbps. I am just wondering if there is a way to speed it up.

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Depends on who is providing the DSL, what speed package they got, how long the cable that is servicing them is from the main switch, whether they configured everything correctly, and the quality of their internal wiring and the wire used to connect to the modem. As you can see, there are many variables. I also forgot to mention that their system can affect this. If their system is messed up somewhere, that can affect speeds.

How long has their connection been running since it was set up? Most DSL ISPs recommend letting the connection run fully for 72 hours so that the line can be optimized.

Have you contacted the ISP to request a line test? Sometimes there is a problem with the line that they didn't detect when they installed it.


Verizon provides it. It was very slow at first, but it is faster now. I know that they got the lowest package, but I was wondering if there are other things to do that can optimize your connection.


Thanks very much. Yea cause they are not computer friendly people, and they have a very old computer. So I was just wanting something that didn't cost money and would be easy. It stunk though becuase they got a Network Interface Card installed an they had to do a windows 98 refresh. And it totally reformatted there whole computer. Those idiots at Best Buy.

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