hi,i have hp pavilion 522n. 256mb memory, 60 gb, 1.8GH... its a pretty old computer. i just reinstalled windows xp pro on it. after using it for a few days, i found that its slow when i start to open big programs. for example, if i open a big download program or a game, then every thing else will get slowed. problems like computer freezing or the thing i clicked will come out after 5 minutes. i used emule program and it gets slow. can ne 1 help me? do i need to reinstall the windows or get new hardware? memory card,proccesor,or mother board any thing like that?

If the computer was working faster before you reinstalled Windows, and you've changed nothing hardware-wise, it would be likely that the reinstall didn't quite go correctly.

- Why did you need to reinstall?

- Did you do a fresh, clean reinstall, or did you reinstall on top of the existing install?


I would back the computer back to Windows 2000. XP requires more RAM, more speed, it is a larger OS, and it demands space to operate. If it was my box, I would have more RAM in it. And Windows is not the only OS that has expanded in this light... so has Mac OS X and Linux... today's OS requires more RAM.

I am thinking that you should do a clean install of XP. Backup the data, and then format the drive and re-install XP nice and cleanly.



i would suggest doing a system recovery.

but make sure you back up all your files.

and make sure you pick the quick format one.



Also check your HD for fragmentation. Run a defragger if you havent in a long time. May help speed up the system.

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