I would like to ask if someone knows, if, Epson L200 would be compatible with TP-Link WR2543ND? Does routers with print servers have issues regarding on what kind of printer will be installed? Because I'll be buying Epson L200 and I want to use it with my IPad. "Ofcourse" without connecting the printer with my IPad.

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These devices that have built-in "print servers" are compatible with all printers as long as the interfaces match. What I mean is that this print server has a usb connection and as long as your printer also has a usb connection, you will be good. In the past, these print servers were equipped with LPT ports instead of USB because printers commonly had lpt ports (years ago). In any case you should not have a problem getting this printer on the network.

Now with regard to iPAD printing, I dont see that printer listed in this support doc: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356

Are you sure its compatible with the iPAD?

With regard to "regular" PCs, this wireless print device will work without question.

Will that be a problem? I'll be connecting my printer to the print server, then, my IPad with the router and not directly using AirPrint... It's just like installing a shared printer on my IPad... If i'm correct... Please do advice me on this scenario... ty.

I dont have an iPAD so I cant tell you for sure from personal experience. Everthing I have read indicates that either the wireless printer needs to support it or you need airprint, or you need an app.

I came across this link which claims that you can print to just about any wireless printer on the network. Take a look: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/printcentral-for-ipad/id366020849?mt=8

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