can anyone tell me about the different between secure webpage and secure website ?????
and what is secure webpage ????

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If it is a secure website then the URL wil be looked like https:// or else the normal website url looks like http , the webpage which gets the ssl certificate (Secure Socket Layer)is called secure webpage,ssl will encrypt the data that transacted through the website. SNIP SNIP SNIP

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When you visit a webpage using the HTTPS protocol, the data that is transferred between your computer and the web server is encrypted using a certificate. Before the data is securing transmitted, the web server sends the public key to your computer. Your computer encrypts using the web server pulic key and sends the data back to the web server. The web server has the private key which can decrypt the data.

This is a secured method as long as the private key is protected. This is because after you encrypt using the public key, your transmission can be intercepted, but no one will be able to decrypt it without the private key.

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