I purchase a WNDR 3400 netgare from ebay. I was told it worked and was new,but was a demo I have had good luck with previous product, but this time no go. I am currently using a netgare WGR614 which has been good for many years, which is why the update AGE. I can not after following many many suggestion on how to get the router to connect with the modum it will still not connect.All the lights on the router execpt the internet light is off My questions 1. Is this a router harware problem as the old WGR614 works fine with the Modum? If it is can the router be fixed? Would it be economical to have it fixed or should I just purchase a new router? Your help would be appreciate


My name is Deepa and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. First of all, would like to tell you that most of the time old routers are not compatible with newer modems. Please try to get help from your internet service provider and they might be able to help you in connecting the router with the modem and they will check the compatibility issues as well. The router can be fixed but I would suggest you to invest in fixing it only if it is compatible with the modem. You can also try to reset the router as most of the time this is fix for the router.

For further help please reply.

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Hi Deepa
Thanks for the reply. If you don't mind several more questions. Right now i have comcast connected to my a Motorola moudum SB5100 and old router Netgear WGR614 v6 well.in fact it connects to my laptop on wireless and wireless tablet. the download speed is in the mid 20
question 1. Should I leave well enought alone? 2. When I try to connect the modom direct to the computer taking out the old router there is no connection. Is this something comcast can fix? 3. Should I purchase a modom router combination? Youe assistance is much appreciated

As you have stated that when you connect the modem directly to your system it would not connect. It seems that the system either does not have the right drivers installed for the modem or there might be some issues with the settings. In case the modem is from Comcast, then they might help you & for your second question I would suggest yes you can go ahead for the modem router combination as it has got more features and less hassle to connect.


Would it be economical to have it fixed or


I want to give you some steps which you can tried,
As you said if you are not able to access the internet through the modem then that can be fix by your Comcast . But to isolate the issue with router you need to tried some steps 
1. Just connect the router to the computer and check the ip address of the computer 
Click on start >>goto run >>>Type cmd and this is open the command prompt then type the command ipconfig which you can see the ip address 
The valid ip will be and the default gateway will be 

2. Tried to ping to if you are getting reply then there is good communication between the router and computer 
3. Connect the modem to the router into the Yellow port of the router which is WAN port of the router 
4. Then login into the router 
Open the internet explore and at top address bar type and it will bring you the window to type the user name and password 
User name is admin password is password 

Then Run the setup wizard it shows say dynamic ip detected  and just go with the wizard and do not do any kind of changes 



Thanks you for the help I will try the suggestion and hopeflly post the results in the future.

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