I'm not sure if I trust webproxy sites. I've used one before, and tried to use it again a few days later, and firefox gave me a warning that it was flagged as potentially risky... They seem like ...shady to me... if that makes sense haha.

I first used ping and then just using the IP address but my teacher figured it out after 1 month (hes not bright) so now I use a proxy and every time he blocks one I just use another there is a never ending number of them so soon he will just give in and I will be better than him lol

I've tried every proxy under the sun but my school's filter blocks all of them. They use 8e6 Technology. Any suggestions on bypassing it?

My school blocks the x format the ip adress the tools setting and the domain names. I'm out of ideas any suggestions?

Microsoft Word - hyperlink - insert desired address?

One think I did (and still do), was use something like Logmein free edition, then log into that at my desired location, as it's a secure page it's a lot harder for them to block.

They'll only see secure.logmein.com for example, as it gives you control of your pc so they can't see what you're doing on your pc if that makes sense? Can be slow at times though.

Another thing would be; most school filters don't block https:// just http://, sometimes ftp:// works as well.

Whatever you do to get round it; get it quiet as once one or two people know - everyone will use it - then they'll block it!

Dazza :cool:

i tried both those sites and i found out about keeping it quiet the hard way

Did they work?

Yes; you and me both matey! I wasn't liked much at school lol, although you'll no doubt be popular for being able to get people onto facebook, up their printer credits, shut down the server, change homework dates etc - it spreads real quick and some bright spark will of course end up reporting it.

Not fun lol, the key thought would be to change your method frequently so if anyone did try and stop you by the time they found out what you were doing and blocked it you had already changed.

Dazza :cool:

nah they didnt but i found this new kind of proxie ecrossx.com but make sure u look it up on google then click the link

Ah nice one matey, might try this at work later! lol

Dazza :cool:

wat i am trying to do is download somethin but they block downloads any idea on how to get past that?

I think this thread has gone on far too long. It was questionable to begin with, and it's turned into "Why I can't wait to surf for pr0n until I get home from school."

If you're at school, and they don't want you surfing, give it up. In case you haven't realized it yet, everything you do at school gets LOGGED, and it's just a matter of time before you get caught. Bypassing filters/proxies isn't that difficult to begin with, so if you haven't figured it out by now, either find someone at school who knows how, or wait until you get home from school to read your MySpace/FaceBook/whatever pages.

Flames by script kiddie wannabes will be diverted to /dev/null, so save your breath..

wasn't asking u

Most filters will block downloads mate, although we all did this while at school - your intentions are questionable.

Although most schools log usage; they may turn a blind eye to the occasional site - mainly as they have more important things to deal with. But downloading files to a school pc is something else entirely.

It's good to see someone taking such an interest in IT, and it's proberbly one of the best ways you'll learn. Just be careful, think about it first and don't go to far as they'll only take so much.

Dazza :cool:

I think this thread has gone on far too long. It was questionable to begin with, and it's turned into "Why I can't wait to surf for pr0n until I get home from school."

You are correct....

We usually do not allow discussions on ways to bypass school filters,etc............

first of all its for a damn game i aint no lonely 30 year old like u

It doesnt matter what its for,they have thier network secured for a reason and you shouldnt be trying to figure out a way around it! (Network admins frown on that big time)

It does not need an uninstall code on Vista, but it does on XP. I suspect that it will soon need a code on Vista though.

If you call them at the 800 help number on their site, they can help you regain the admin password.

Hey, does anyone ever heard about toonel(dot)net? they have a simple java application that can act like a proxy.

I was wondering what measures you have used or know that have been used to bypass internet filters. I have the sole interest of securing internet access in my schools.
Thanks guys

Is there any way to bypass the filter without using a proxy? 4chan will ban you if you enter it using a proxy, and 4chan is the sole reason why I want to bypass the filter.

well... im not really a IT tech or nothin im just a teen that has done this stuff before...
i go to a school that has a very tight networking system (mainly ocz there rich and they can afford it) anyway the most eaisest and simplest is to access website like myscape and facebook. etc. is by goin through there secure server.
so for example if u were to type in: http://www.facebook.com
it would b blocked but because they have a secure server ur a good as in

just put a 's' after http so it'kk look soming like this : https://www.facebook.com and thn just confirm the certificate and ur in. i never really bother with this mainly because you have to do this to every page. There are other more complicated ways like setting up ur on linux as A BYPASS server, but i doubt u really wanna know bout that ;)
anyway hope that helped and srry about the spelling i've been learning french for 4 hours

I've tried all those things, except for a tunneler. I might not try that though. That seems a little too forceful to me. There are a couple of other possibilities though, that are unique to my specific situation.

Network Security Software

Most (pretty much all) of these proxies provided in the above do not work for DansGuardian. I'd really like to find something that would work. I would switch to some type of drive or something but I'd rather not waste my money and time on something that might not even work for this case senario..Some of us need to band together and create something high tech..something that can bypass any problems we have now...in addition https://www.kproxy.com works for DansGuardian on some websites...

Welcome to Daniweb :)

I was wondering what measures you have used or know that have been used to bypass internet filters. I have the sole interest of securing internet access in my schools.
Thanks guys

Impressive this help me alot thanks for sharing such a great information

use bypass proxy server to avoid restrictions. but you should not do this if you are not allowed.

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