ping to my server is often very erractic and slow,i dont know if it is the router that is causing yhis or is from the providers side

Are you pinging the router within your internal network? If so, it's not related to the ISP. Is this a wired or wireless internal network?

If wireless, try connecting a wired device directly to the router and compare PING results.

yes the ping to the router from my internal network is G00d,but when i try ping the dns of the isp from the client end is erratic and when i try pinging from the office to the client end is also erratic and i have noticed that the radio lose alignment often I dont know if because is passing through a river maybe that is what is causing the erraticness please i need help

You should have the ISP run through their tests to see if there is something on their end that they can pinpoint as the problem.

Also. Is every host on the internet showing the same issue or is it just your 1 hosted server.

Can you define 'erratic'? Maybe post a ping sample showing what you mean.

Can you ping the 1st hop outbound (your ISP's gateway) and do you see the same issues?