NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND School of Excellence has recently received a donation of computers and network equipment from a benefactor from canada, with the promise that there will be futher donation in cash and kind should the school be able to provide demonstrable evidence of their meaningful use of the present donation. Mr.Askh, owner of the school has contacted your team to set up a computer network to facilitate the curriculum and other ICT needs of the school. During your preliminary fact finding exercise, you were met with several suprises: all of the work stations were 486-based systems, none of the work stations were operational, all were missing hard drives(which are not available today), and some were short of memory,CDROM drives, floppy drives and so on. One pleasant suprise however, was that they all had relatively modern NICs and there was one powerful operational server. Though basic,all the requisite networking connectivity devices and cable were available. Your team's initial report to Mr.Askh, is to point and essentially informs him that the computers cannot run any of the modern operating system;and therefore, are essentially useless. Mr.Askh insists that the NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND shall be left behind in their ability to participate in the technological world. He instructs that you do whatever it takes with the available resources to put together a network to satisfy the request's benefactors; and at the sametime provide some level of computing functions to the school. your team is required to conduct a more detailed investigation, with the aim to design and deliver a useful network for the school.

I am not getting any reply for my question. Can you please tell me if there is any problem? Thank you.

Is this some type of homework assignment? I wouldnt expect that you will get many responses regarding your post if that is the case. however, if you take the time to work through the problem and have a specific question, more of the members would probably be more responsive to assist you.