Hi Fellows,

Since two days I am facing an issue with my system. Did multiple things but couldn't get rid of it. Here's the problem;

Every program I am opening such as (Word, Excel, Media player, my documents, pictures, videos etc.), there is a lag of 10-15 seconds before the program shows up. Also when I open a new tab in chrome, firefox or IE it loads after sometime. When I type say www.google.com it direct me to the site after few seconds (instead I have high internet speed of 25 Mps but still taking at least 15 seconds to load each page).

I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed since the operating system was installed. I kept updating the MSE frequently and also ran whole system scan at least once a week. I didn't come accross any malware or virus while scaning as yet. Since this problem begin, I also ran other antispam tools like "Emsis Soft Emergency Kit" & "Trend Micro Housecall" but they also dectect nothing suspicious.

*Ran CCleaner and removed all unnecessary files, scanned registry issues. Nothing happened.

*Went to "advanced system settings" > Performance and set "Adjust for best performance". Still laging remains!

*Defragmented partition where OS is installed, still same results.

*Unistalled unnecessary programs (no luck).

Please help me to diagnose and resolve the issue, don't know why my OS is slowing down and taking much time compared as before.

And unfortunately I don't have "System Restore" feature running currently. (I can't restore to previous position)

Thanks for your advices and suggestions!

In my experience, this sort of problem is most commonly caused by anti-virus software that encorporates what is commonly called "on access scanning". IE, every file and executable (as well as DLL) is scanned on access when you start a program or read a file. This is VERY expensive in system resource (CPU and I/O) usage. See if you can disable that "feature" in your A/V software. Yes, keeping it on is safer, but it is a LOT slower!

Try running Mbam on it. Google will easily find it. MSE and Trend are virus scanners and cannot deal with most malware whereas Mbam can.