I have windows 7 home premium on my computer wich has is 32- bit operating system & 2G memory
but it runs very very slow it takes 30 second to open any window

i cant figure out what is the problem the hard drive have 60% free space,

thanks for your help

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The two reasons with the greatest probability (IMO) are as follows:

1) The hardware specifications of your computer are too low. Reasons include but are not limited to: CPU clock speed, RAM amount and timing, motherboard front side bus speed, hard disk read and write rates, and graphics processing ability.

2) You have too much malware on your computer, which can result from an inability to assess the danger value of a particular action (ignorance) or general negligence regarding computer security (laziness).
2a) If you're using a fresh install of Windows 7, go ahead and invalidate this option.

In some case, Due to malware presence the pc can get slow.

Here is what you do to figure out if it is a hardware issue (which it probably isn't).
Get a storage drive, thumb drive or just open a gmail or dropbox account so you can back up your important files (programs you will have to install fresh when your done).
This option will work f you have a factory image on your computer (fastest ways)

Back up any files you have if you even have any you want backed up (most people do).
If it's a dell typically F11 when booting could get you to the image but since you can access windows, there is a good chance you can find it easily by clicking start, thern start typing restore.
IF YOU POST BACK THAT MODEL COMPUTER YOU HAVE I CAN BE MORE HELP. Most of the factory restore options now are right in the program files under the factory name i.e. Acer, etc. because they don't send you restore disc's anymore usually.
Then you look for the factory restore option. Usually they will promt you to do the Microsoft restore option first so people don't make the mistake of losing their files.


If you cant find it there, Google how to do a factory restore using that model name in "GOOGLE" i.e. "dell OptiPlex factory reset" or "dell optiplex windows 7 restore system image". I'm sure you get the idea.

Do your factory restore. Can take 8 min to 45 min depending on the model (I've done hundreds of these)

If it doesn't have a restore partion and you don't have restore disc that came with it try downloading a program called malwarebytes from (be careful, if you have malware it will try to direct you somewhere else). Run a full scan, check off all the items it finds and chose "remove selected".

Restart and it should run better. Best option is to reset to factory image if it's been a while.

Let us know how you do. ; )

Start at the beginning, test your hard drive with hdtune which can easily be found with google. If your hard drive is faulty then there is absolutely no point in trying to fix your software.

Good Advice. However, I find 1 out of about 30 that is "slow" do to a bad stick of memory or hard disk failing. Though Rik gave some excellent advice, before you do anything like "benchmarking" your drive or any other kind of stress test before you actually know what is wrong with it, back up anything important first.

Something else you can consider is using some of windows built in tools that WIN7 has but one thing to keep in mind is depending how bad your system is infested.. any diagnosis utility can give you false positive results. Good Luck

Hdtune is not a benchmarking program as such. It will scan every sector and tell you if any are bad. If hdtune shows even just 1 bad sector then the hard drive should be replaced.

Simply 'Defrag' your Disk or Repair your OS with Windows installation Disk.


First of all you should format the all drives on your PC, and then check it what’s the result coming out?

Hi, i suggest first determine likely hardware or software issue by booting a Linux os in "try mode" .
This runs from a virtual drive within ram memory rather than from the hard disk drive, so the current Windows installation is not affected
Presuming that the distro supports your computer , if Linux boots and runs apps as expected then issue most likely software of the current Windows installation ie system, driver, app conflict, malware
If Linux does not boot or runs defectively ie displays graphics artifacts, then issue most likely hardware device related
Once the probable nature of the issue is determined then specific tests can be devised and repairs executed with less time wasting
However slow processing can be a combination of partrial hardware device failue and software issues like incompatiable security solutions
Developing a sixth sense regarding system repairs is a distinct advantage

All pretty decent except the crack aount formating drives. Back up your files first. I would bet you just need a factory restore and your good ; )

Did I mention back up your files first?
I still know mine is end result best.. I have tried all those solutions many times over ; )
Good Luck!

I think you install a lot of software. Uninstall unnecessary software than I think your PC will be ok.

try to clean up your registry evry starts and also stop the unwanted services like gadgets and downloading softwares. surly you will feel faster.

Solfware begins by removing temporary, tune up and running, and then it is solved try installing new drivers or format.

1.Use HDtune to scan for bad sectors of the HDD. you can fix them using scandisk later. Just tell us if there aare any RED spots.

2.You might have a lot of viruses. I assume you do not have any anti virus? if you do what is that?
I recommend formatting your hard disk and reinstalling the windows. Removing HDD,cleaning the registry,Defragmentation etc.. can also be done which will take a lot of time with a computer like that.

It depends on what version of windows this utlizando but in most system tools appears you scandisk

This has been going on now for 3 weeks have you managed to do anything about it.

I also have Dell Vostro with OEM Windows 7 and it's very slower than turtle.
After i change the OS into Ubuntu (dual boot) it's work. I mean i can find the problem it the OS not the desktop.

To solving it, i am using CCCleaner to make sure all data in recycle bin and the other can be clean. and also make sure the system can work properly. I also do scanning by using antivirus to make sure no thirf-party application in my own.

The original poster has yet to respond. I wonder if any of the answers provided helped him.

@kevinedwards problem with ccleaner is that it only scans the local user. Make sure to check every user (if there are multiple ones).

Also managing ANY OS can be difficult if there are multiple users or if the main user isn't savvy and they're the Admin.

My greatest fix for my uncle's computer! insert drumroll ...removed Admin priveleges.

I am wondering as well but notice that he is located at a currently inflammed region of the world - so maybe blue screened, hopefully can reboot sometime soon

Have you try to make sure no trouble with your HDD and RAM?
I suggest your problem is from HDD and RAM, cause i also have trouble same with you. And to resolve it, i change my HDD with a new one and also increase my RAM memory

hello dude,
You can do one thing as to make your PC Fast:
Please close all the programs that are running in background and then
• Go to Run ► Type ► Temp ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• Go to Run ► Type ► %Temp% ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• Go to Run ► Type ► recent ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• and also be sure that you delete all the cookies and toolbars that were downloaded.
• Remove unwanted application from "Control Panel ► Add or Remove ► ..."
and then all after you PC will somewhat fast then before.

As to delete all this files on one click there is one app which is the best app: "Ccleaner" Run it...
• you can also check the registry error and make fix it too using this application.
• This application is from Priform.
• google it out with: "Ccleaner"

Thank you.

i suggest you to try some third party softwares to remove your temp files and registry frequently. it can boost your PC performance little bit.

Use these commands may help at least temporarily.
Click the Windows button with the letter R button, and clear all the files from the folders that appear with each order.

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