I have some troubles concerning the internet where I’m connected but it’s too slow to actually do anything at all.

We live in a very slow internet area but all the family is fine.

Please help it seems to get slower though out the year.

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What computer are you using and what OS you are using. Try to reset your modem and router. If you use linksy, you can go to the back of the modem. You will see a reset button use a pen and poke the button. Hold it down for 5 seconds and your modem will be reset. Next go to the linksy website at . This is only for linsy users. When you go to go and configure the settings as when you reset the modem or settings will be reset to default. Configure your network with a password. Or you can reset your modem by plugging in and out of the power socket again.

I need more information.
1) Like when is it slow ( A particular day/days )
2) How many people are using the internet when it became very slow.
3) Try using other network and connect to internet, see whether using other network will be slow.
4) Problems maybe a network issue or your laptop/pc problem.
5) Check whether other people using your network is having the same problem.
6) Do a virus scan to make sure no virus is on your laptop.
7) Switch your location to somewhere near the modem and see whether the connection is better.

give the information Jingda asked for.

It seems likely to me that you just surpass your download limit.

Although you did say it is getting slower throughout the year..??

How long has this problem occur and how old is your modem and router?

As asked earlier which modem and/or router model are you using? What is your internet plan? Have you checked your connection with your ISP if the problem is not appearing from there itself?

Microsoft man you have to answered our questions as soon as possible. Have you try following my steps in the above post.

How long has this problem occur and how old is your modem and router?

Sorry for the delay. I have had it all the time I have been connected to the BE router which is a very new router

How about the answers to my first post. Have you try various methods to solve it. If yes list them so i will not suggest the same method to you again. Good luck

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