/                \
         /                  \
        /                    \
     [S1]                    [S2]
    /    \                  /    \
VL10      VL20          VL10      VL20

Ok so I'm trying to make VLANS in one broadcast domain communicate with VLANS in the other broadcast domain, what do I do? The vlans in their own broadcast domain can communicate together because of router-on-a-stick (VLAN10 to VLAN20).

Here is what I have done:
-VLANS are set and VLAN 99 is management and trunk on both braodcasts
-Router-on-a-stick is set up on both broadcasts
-The routers have routes to each other set up
-Clock rate is set on DCE end

Re: VLAN communication help 80 80

Once you introduce layer 3 routing between R1 and R2, your VLANs are done.

In S1-VLAN10 and S2-Vlan10, I assume both are using the same subnet. IF so, any communication between PCs on the same subnet will happen over ARP then direct communication. No traffic destined for the same subnet will ever hit the gateway.

For this to work, S1-VLAN10 and S2-Vlan10 must each have a unique subnet and R! to R2 must route properly.

Re: VLAN communication help 80 80

so S1-VLAN10 will have subnet and S2-VLAN10 will have something like

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